Raads Marine Office


We are a fibreglass & Aluminium Boat manufacturing company established in 2016 at coordinates 11.9139° N, 79.8145° E in an Indian UT Pondicherry located on the beautiful coast of Southern India. We have started our manufacturing with FRP/GRP in the area of Marine Boats and have recently developed into various other field of advanced high-tech composites.

Our luxury yacht brands stands for veracity, comfort and elegance. Being India’s leading marine company, we strongly believe in conferring the exclusive international brands that fit the aristocratic Indian society. We provide our customers with various design concepts and innovations. We build and support naval ships as a contractor.

The company has successfully embarked on the top US and European marine brands. We offer maritime solutions to different maritime security scenarios. As a startup we look forward to develop our technology in marine critical applications. Focusing on the utmost benevolence for its customers, the company's strength lies in its ability to see the possibilities in the impossible.

We develop composite components to all five great elements of the earth. Our fibreglass yard has state of art facility to manufacture components in various fields through processes such as Hand Layup, Vacuum Infusion, Filament Winding, Pultrusion and many more. Our Aluminium yard is capable of manufacturing Aluminium matrix composite materials for Aerospace, Marine and Defence applications. We are one of the pioneers in importing various complicate parts and electronics across the world. We also trade various luxury products such as yacht, boat and marine products & accessories. Our fiberglass/ aluminium manufacturing facility is established at Kammiyampettai, Cuddalore, an IRS approved yard, is also an ISO 9001: 2015 approved IAF DAC system equipped with most of the equipment’s and facilities required for manufacturing FRP/ GRP vessels, Aluminium boats, Steel vessels etc.

We have well developed lab for testing and quality control. We also involve in marine marketing service for various marine products such as Outboard Engines, Inboard Engines - Gasoline and Diesel and Stern Drives.

Our Fiberglass boatyard has the following facilities:

Temperature Controlled Atmosphere Moulding Area
Hand Layup Moulding Room
Vacuum Infusion Facility
In House Carpentry
General Fabrication and Tool Room
Aluminium Welding Area with Machineries
HDPE/PE Welding Area
Outfitting Zone
Near to Sea Shore



Our Boats are built over the other boats under Great Stability, Seaworthy and Crew Comfort. The superior quality of our raw material is evident. Our unique hull and engineering offer maximum stability with industry leading fuel efficiency. Our design achieves good planing with minimum engine power.

We follow strict quality polices as per the rules and regulations of ISO. Also, our service network is available almost in every coastal state of India.


Our boatyard has successfully manufactured & Supplied 20+ Nos. 6m Speed Boat, 15+ Nos. 8m Passenger Boat, 4 nos. 7.15m Inboard 40 HP diesel engine Weed Removal Boats, 10+ Nos. 12m Passenger Vessels for A&N Administration, 5+ Nos. 15m Patrol Vessels and many more under IR Class and RINA respectively.

The facility is located 2kms from sea shore and has various facilities for fiberglass boat building and aluminium boat building. We have a temperature-controlled environment suitable for hand layup and vacuum infusion technology.

Speed Boats
Passenger Boats
Work Boats
Crew Boats
Fishing Boats
Dive Boats

Our Boatyard