1. DIPP – Certificate No: DIPP28021

2. MSME Certificate – Udyog Aadhar Memorandum No: PY03A0001710

  1. Building of commercial vessels: passenger vessels, ferry-boats, cargo ships, tankers, tugs, hovercraft (except recreation-type hovercraft) etc.
  2. Building of fishing boats and fish-processing factory vessels
  3. Construction of floating structures (floating docks, pontoons, coffer-dams, floating landing stages, buoys, floating tanks, barges, lighters, floating cranes, non-recreational inflatable rafts etc.)
  4. Building of pleasure and sporting boats
  5. Manufacture of parts and accessories of the aircraft and spacecraft of this class (major assemblies such as fuselages, wings, doors, control surfaces, landing gear, fuel tanks, nacelles, airscrews, helicopter rotors and propelled rotor blades, motors and engines of a kind typically found on aircraft, parts of turbojets and turbo propellers for aircraft, aircraft seats etc. and other specialised parts of spacecraft)

3. ISO 9001: 2015: Certificate No: 18DQEU35

  1. Manufacturing of Composite products for Defence and Railways, FRP Boats, Steel Vessels and Marine Safety Accessories

4. Recreation Craft Directive (RCD) 2013/53/EU – CE Certificate No: CE/016651/0620

  1. Design, Manufacturing, Supply and Export of HDPE/ PE Boats, FRP/ GRP Boats, Aluminium Boats, Inflatable and Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats, Steel Vessels, Propulsion System, Marine Equipment’s and Marine Accessories.

5. IR CLASS Works Approval Certificate – 2019 WAC008

  1. FRP Boats